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We have been developing and implementing workshops and activities that educate all age groups and all skill levels.  No matter if you are brand new to building or a seasoned pro our workshops offer new skills and different perspectives on the building process.

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Inherent in Natural Building is a sense of compassion.  We all feel this when we attend a workshop or community.  I feel it important to bring that feeling to our attention with our COMPASSION CARDS.  Workshops where we build compassion and community while learning natural building methods start with an understanding that "Just Like Me" everyone just wants to be happy.  When we understand that, then we can help each other get there. 

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We are educating Leaders for a sustainable future.  Ray is a certified instructor of Jane Goodall's Root's & Shoots Compassionate Leadership program and is available to guide students through Service Learning Projects that engage with their community making it the wonderful place they want  to live.

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